Breaking the No Barrier is here!

It took some time, I know… believe me, I know.  But it’s here now and the reviews are so much better than even I had hoped.  I am blown away by the feedback I have gotten from this book.

You like personal development, business success, and achievement books?  You like military stories and books?  You like autobiographies of fascinating people?  You like edge of your seat action and suspense stories?  You like to be inspired by stories of victory?

You’re going to get all this with my most recent book, “Breaking the No Barrier.”   The philosophy I am going to share with you in the pages of my story changed my life forever, and allowed me to do some really amazing things.  You’re going to read about ’em.  I promise you if you learn this one simple philosophy, and you apply it in your daily life, you will see dramatic changes in the results you get in all areas.

You want to know the secret to getting almost anything you want, almost every time?  It’s in this book.  All your dreams, all your aspirations, all your big, hairy, audacious goals… you are going to have a much better chance of making them all when you know this one little secret.  And it isn’t a secret at all really… it’s just a philosophy that most people don’t use, and it’s costing them, BIGTIME.

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You’re going to have so much fun with this story, and I promise you, you will laugh, you will be scared at times, and you might even cry.  When you’re done, you will have learned what I think is the most valuable lesson anyone could have ever taught me.  You ready?



Chase Your Passion, Not Your Pension? Uh… not in the real world.


Hey I am not your typical “motivational speaker” who lives under the umbrella of large speaking fees and doesn’t “get it.” I get it.

You gotta keep bread on the table, right? I spent a huge portion of my life doing what I thought would keep the lights on but not necessarily what I was passionate about. I did THAT on the side.

But there’s a cliche out there that says. “Follow your Passion, not your Pension.” As much I like the SOUND of that, to me it doesn’t correlate to the world we live in. There’s no congruency there.

Here’s what I say: “Follow your Passion TO your Pension.” In other words, figure out what turns you on, and makes you happy, and then strive to do whatever you have to do to make a living doing THAT.


Like I did.

Here’s the thing, though. Your passion may not make you rich. But doing what you love will make you HAPPY. And THAT is more important. Look, I know lot’s of miserable rich people. I don’t know many miserable happy people. Get it?

And THAT’s the DOSE!


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Go Forward with No Regrets. Your Life Depends on It.


You remember the movie, “The Butterfly Effect?” You know, the one where Ashton Kutcher goes back in time to try and fix the present, but then screws it up even more… then he goes back again and again, trying to make things better, but only makes the present worse and worse? If you haven’t seen it, you should.

You and me do this. It’s called REGRET. We spend our NOW time going back in time in our minds and reliving our mistakes, somehow trying ti change that which cannot be changed. And you know what? All we do is wind up screwing up our present even more.

You can’t change the past, and even if you could, would you REALLY want to?

And THAT’s the DOSE!!

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Throw Your Thing Down… Who Cares??


So I am driving through National City last week, and I come across this guy pushing a shopping cart, and ROCKING OUT to music he was playing through his radio on the cart.

I mean, he was dancing and jamming, and singing out loud. The dude was having a blast. He was covered in American Flags (not my favorite trend, considering my reverence for the Flag, but that’s not the point) and he was having himself a ball. He didn’t care one iota what anyone else might be thinking either. He was doing his thing, and damn the world if they didn’t like it.

Oh, and I don’t think he was psychologically challenged, either. He was saying hi to people, and carrying on conversations with passers by. Not weird ones, either. He was being friendly, and people were reciprocating.

And I thought… WOW. How liberating that must be to just be yourself and let it all hang out there, and not care what anyone thinks!
And as much as I would wish for him to have more creature comforts, and better meals, and more luxuries in life… he seemed really, really happy.

So then I thought to myself, “Who am I to say what lifestyle makes people happier??” Maybe this is exactly how he wanted things to be. He certainly seemed like he was enjoying his life.

And then it hit me… He was. And it was his CHOICE to be that happy. Might he want a “better” life? Maybe. Or maybe this WAS his better life! Something to think about.

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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Are you an Entrepreneur? You have a lot to be excited about!


There has never been a time in history when it has been more accessible, more affordable, and more profitable to begin your own enterprise. And I am NOT talking about Network Marketing here, although I suppose that qualifies as well!

What I am talking about is how the internet, infinite computing, and other technologies like 3-D Printing are completely and utterly revolutionizing our world.

These emerging technologies are changing everything about what it takes and what it means to be in business for yourself.

Some examples, Quirky, Uber, and Air B&B to name a few… disruptive companies that turned industries on their heads, and with little or no capitol.

There’s a great book you can read by Peter Diamandis that is really good. It’s called “Bold.” It was this book that has gotten me very excited recently about the world of possibilities all around us.

Stop watching the news, and start looking around. You’ll see it… opportunity everywhere! And
THAT’s the DOSE!

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Here’s why you hate Tom Brady


Listen, I am not a Tom Brady fan. I am not a NE Patriots fan. I don’t like Belichick for sure! So this dose is NOT a Patriots love fest video…. BUT- I am going to shed some light on why many of you just don’t like ‘em.

The Pats are now officially the most hated sports franchise in the National Football League. They took the honors from my Cowboys. And Tom Brady is now more hated by the public than Tony Romo!

But why? There’s so much to love about Tommy Boy. He’s good looking, charming, humble, got a great family, and he’s the winningest quarterback in NFL history. And THAT’s why he’s hated.

I think we as humans love to root for the underdog, and we love to see a cinderella story. They begin to resent a team that’s always winning, because they are rooting for the King to get knocked off the throne. That’s why everyone hated the Cowboys in the 90’s. They were the best, and they proved in in three out of four years. 93, 94, and 96. They had it all, and people hated them for it.

The Cowboys haven’t been dominant since then, and the Pats have. That’s why they are now the most hated team in the League. Funny isn’t it?

But don’t worry… my Cowboys are coming back! Dak and Dez and Zeke are the new terrible trio, and you’ll soon have every reason to hate them again.

But in the meantime, Tom Brady is as big a target as you could want.

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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What do Lima Beans and Freezing to Death have in Common?


Not much, you might say. But you would be mistaken. For example, neither is very pleasant! Now, I’m kidding, but there really is a lesson for us in both Lima Beans and freezing temperatures.

It’s a lesson on perspective, on relativity, and on gratitude. You hear me talk a lot about gratitude, and how important it is. But how do you have more gratitude? How do you feel sincerely more grateful for the things you DO have in your life?

Believe it or not, Lima beans and freezing your a$$ off can teach you.

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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Forget the White House…

What’s going on in YOUR house!

What’s going on in YOUR house? No, seriously.

Because, look, you can’t control what politicians in Washington are going to do any more than you can control that the sun rises in the East and sets in the West. Oh you can cast a vote, but after that, it’s all on them.

You don’t have anything to say about their day to day decisions… and this is important so pay attention… they don’t have anything to say about YOUR day to day decision either!!

So cast your vote, exercise your rights of influence over the election, and then get back to work. Stop worrying about what’s going on in the White House, and start paying attention to what you can control. You can control what’s going on in YOUR HOUSE.

And THAT’s the DOSE.

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Whatever your Challenge, This Too Shall Pass


Time. It never stops… It keeps rolling along, at the same pace for all of us. And because time never stops, it means that inevitably, this, too, shall pass.
Whatever time you’re in.
Whatever season of your life you’re in. Whatever joy, celebration, hardship, challenge, or abundance you’re experiencing right now…


This is both exciting and a little daunting. It means nothing lasts forever. So when you’re in the good times, recognize that and take it all in. Embrace the abundance and the joy. When you’re in the harder times, you’ll know, it won’t last forever.

This is great perspective isn’t it? It allows you to really enjoy the good times, and to know that there’s sunshine on the backside of the rainstorm. Because after all….

This, like everything else, shall pass.

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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Are you giving it all you’ve got? Stop Kidding Yourself!

Are you giving it all you’ve got?

Ever heard the phrase, you get what you give? Or, you get out of it what you put in?

That, friends, is life in a nutshell.

Sometimes in the network marketing world, however, people forget that. People seem actually to be surprised when they are not making 1000 a week when they are only putting in a couple of hours a week.
Would any employer on the planet pay you 1000 a week for a couple hours work? Not unless you had some very specific and very valuable skill. And if you did command that kind of compensation, you probably wouldn’t be in networking.

So it’s up to us to manage our expectations as it relates to what we should be making in the mlm world. Especially considered that from the residual side especially, mlm is all delayed gratification.

But I believe it all comes down to this:
If you want to make a million dollars, you gotta give a million dollar effort and provide million dollar value. In anything you do.

And that’s the DOSE!


No matter where you are in life right now, I promise you, you need a copy of this book!