Working with People Series, Episode Four! The White Magic of Listening.

Sounds remarkably simple, I know. But listening, and really listening can be two completely different things.

Welcome to the Daily Dose Online with Brian D McIntosh and the Working with People Series, Episode Four! The White Magic of Listening.

Listening doesn’t seem that hard, and it certainly doesn’t seem like the most important communication skill you can have, but I would argue that it is both of those things.

Learning to REALLY listen to people puts you almost at an unfair advantage. You gain insights, earn trust, see opposing points of view, and more. There’s no such thing as clairvoyance, at least for most of us, but being a great listener is the next best thing.

Learn to be a better listener, and you become a better leader, a better friend, and a better communicator.

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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Working with People, Episode 3: The Golden Rule

Working with People… the most important skills you can have in business, and in your social life revolve around this.

In Episode 3 of the Working with People Series of the Daily Dose we are going to be talking about applying the Golden Rule to your business practices. Yep, you know…

The good old fashioned Golden Rule.

Do unto others… you know the rest. The Golden Rule says basically, “If you wound’t want someone to treat you a certain way, don’t ever treat others that way.”

Pretty simple, right? One would think so…

But there’s more to it than just doing the right thing. When working with people, TRUST is the single most important factor in the equation. People have to know they can trust you to like you and want to work with you… in any capacity.

If you always treat people well, they will like you and want to do things with you. If you work someone over, even once, most of the time you’ve blown it with them and they’ll never work with you again. On anything.

So, ask yourself this question: “If I was on the other end of this deal, or this conversation, or this negotiation… would I be okay with how I was being treated?” If the answer is no… then you already know what you need to do.

And THAT’s the DOSE!!

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Working with People Series Rule 2: Communication Etiquette


Professionalism. A concept lost on so many people recently. I am absolutely baffled by how many professionals I see who have NO CLUE about professionalism with regard to communications.

Take written correspondence for example. It’s so funny these days… it seems like everyone, everywhere thinks that anything written is now fair game to be treated like a text message.

U no? LOL!! 😉

It’s not. Especially email. E MAIL. Electronic letters.

Dear Daily Dose Follower,

Written emails should be written in complete sentences, with punctuation and Capitalization, where appropriate, and finished with a salutation like this one:


J/K! No, seriously. In fact, if you use complete sentences, and avoid YUR basic texting shortcuts, you will stand out above the crowd. because for the most part, you will the only one doing it.

In a world where people have forgotten the basic courtesies and practices of professionals, being truly professional is rare.

And so are you!

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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The “Working with People” Series – Rule #1

The Working with People Series:

Rule #1 – Don’t be a &*$%!

Sounds easy enough, right? You’d be surprised!

But seriously… one of the most fundamental keys to working well with people is to just refrain from being a JERK!

It’s not always easy, I tell you! But if you are always cognizant and aware of your reactions to people, situations, and events around you, it can be done.

Common courtesy… Being polite… Manners.

These are the things that will attract more good people into your life.

And more good people means more good things.

And THAT’s the DOSE!!

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The Daily Dose: Working with People

It’s harder than it sounds.

People can be difficult! People can also be awesome.

And every one of us has the capacity to be both!

But, regardless of our flaws or our awesomeness, people are the key to everything. Ultimately, success in just about everything is going to come from relationships and dealing with people.

You want more opportunity? It’s going to come from people. Need to learn something new? People. Need some help with a project? You got it… you’re gonna need people.

In fact, more important than what you know is WHO you know.

So there is a real, tangible value associated with your ability to work with people. Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to talk about that, and only that, on the Daily Dose.

I hope you’ll join me!

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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How To Get What You Want in ONE STEP

There’s a reason why most people don’t get what they want most of the time. There’s several reasons, really, but one in particular stands out.

They don’t ask.

Whoa, wait a minute… it isn’t really that simple, is it?

Yes. They don’t ask, and that’s why they don’t get what they want. Most people assume the answer is going to be “no” and so they don’t ever even ask the question.

Do you think that the Boss is going to hunt you down to give you a promotion or a raise? You think that special someone is going to notice you and chase you? You think that accounts are going to miracle themselves into your business? You think prospects and leads are online right now looking for YOU? No… of course not.

Too many people act like they think all of these things should happen and if they don’t it just means they don’t deserve it. But that’s not the truth.

The truth of How To Get What You Want in ONE STEP is much more simple. You just have to ask.

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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Watching Every Step You Take


Look, we all want things, right? I mean, I want to be leaner, would like to make more money, I wish my nose was smaller… I am sure you have your list, too!

But for the big goals you have in your life, how focused are you? If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, how come so many people find themselves running all over the place, going in a hundred different directions?

“If you really want to get to Mount Olympus, just make sure that every step you take is in that direction.”

Brian Tracy said that in one of his trainings, and I am certain that I have heard that before from other great motivators and coaches as well. There is a truth there that is so simple, and yet so powerful.

With every decision you make, day in and day out, ask yourself this question: “Is this taking me closer to my goals?”

If the answer is no, then what are you doing?

Walk in a straight line to what you want.

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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Feeling Helpless? Get Back Your Power!

The Daily Dose: Get Back Your Power!

Hey listen, we’ve talked about this before… but words matter!

What you say, to yourself and to others, MATTERS.

Here’s a great example. I teach my kids never to say, “I have to” or “I can’t.” Those phrases imply weakness at best, helplessness at worst! No one makes us do anything. We choose to do things or choose not to, don’t we? Of course there are exceptions, okay, don’t get critical on me here. But for the most part, our life isn’t made of Have to’s and Can’ts, its made of Choose To’s and Choose Not To’s!

Instead of saying, “I can’t because I have to go to class”… couldn’t you say, “I have class on that night and I choose to go to school?” Sounds hokey to those that don’t really think about how they speak, but once you understand what I am getting at here, you will be blown away.

Would you rather have a life of choices, or directives?

Funny thing is, you get to choose that too!

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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Nothing sucks worse than this! *RANT WARNING*

Here’s the thing, folks…. we are going to carry the burden of one of two weights on our death beds when we go… Jim Rohn said this… and if he didn’t, I am saying it now. When you die, if you are fortunate enough to be of sound mind when you go, you are going to go having borne of two burdens.

You’re either going to bear the burden of sacrifice and risk… or the burden of regret. And if sacrifice and risk weighs ounces, regret weighs TONS.

You are either going to have played big, or kept your head down, swung for the fences, or stayed in the dugout. You are either going to go out like a bottle rocket, or like an ember.

I believe that too many of us, myself included, have been playing too small for too long. The fear of failure, or ridicule, or disappointment has stopped us again and again.

But why? This is it, man. This is the show. You only get one shot at this deal. When you go, you won’t regret the things you’ve done. You’ll regret the things you could have done, but didn’t. And nothing that I can imagine, would suck more than that.

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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Something More than Motivation

Hey, motivation is cool, I dig it. Everyone loves to get pumped up, to get fired up… myself included. But there is something you need more than motivation, and you’ve heard it before.

If you’re going to start something new… be it financial, a business, a health and wellness goal, or anything else, you are going to have to know why you are doing it. Yep, more than motivation, you are going to need to know WHY.

Motivation is only skin deep. When the passion wears off, and the motivation wears away, and the feelings you had when you committed to that new goal have diminished, you need something that keeps you in the game. That something is your why. You gotta know WHY you are doing what you’re doing. Because, at some point, things are going to get hard… they are going to suck… there is going to be challenges, and if you got into this because it felt good in the moment and that’s all, you’re going to get knocked out of the box.

So you have to know WHY.

And it doesn’t have to be anything noble, either! It’s great if you do have a noble, or tear invoking why, but you don’t need one. You just need to know why you are doing what you’re doing. It could be any reason at all, but you need to identify that reason.

Anyone can quit on motivation, or a short burst of inspiration, but it’s significantly harder to bail on something important to you. Identify that thing.

Sit down and ask yourself why you are doing what you’re doing. If you can find the answer, you will crush your goals.

And THAT’s the DOSE!

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